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Welcome to Underwater Aquatics

ANNOUNCING – A swim training device that promotes the development of streamlining and underwater dolphin kicking. Swim fans have seen great swimmers such as Michael Phelps, Natalie Coughlin, and Ryan Lochte make great swims and even world records using well developed streamlines and underwater dolphin kicks. Getting to that point requires the development of all the skills necessary to make competitive turns, and the patented SWIM GATE is a device that can be used at every practice to help swimmers visualize and execute great streamlines, powerful underwater dolphin kicks, and competition-killing turns. Think of middle-distance, distance, and even sprinters routinely doing 4, 5, or 6 perfect streamlines and underwater dolphin kicks off every turn! The SWIM GATE can help you get there. ORDER NOW and if it isn't satisfactory take advantage of our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!